High school . . . Never have students been busier.

In addition to academic demands, extracurriculars, sports, social lives and more, now there’s one more thing added to the mix: preparing for college. The entire process is like taking an extra course in a foreign discipline—without a teacher, syllabus, or textbook—and from which everyone expects an A grade. Talk about stress!

 Do these questions sound familiar?

How will I know if a college is the right fit for me?

What will distinguish my applications from others?

Are there essay topics I should avoid?

What's the truth behind standardized tests?

How important are campus visits?

How can I receive the most merit aid?

It’s likely that if and when your parents applied to college, they selected just a handful of institutions and completed their applications in a weekend.  How the times have changed . . . and continue to do so!  With record numbers of students both in the United States and abroad seeking to attend American universities, each year applicant pools increase while the percentage of acceptance letters from many institutions decreases.

No matter where you are in the process, I can help you present your best self to admissions committees.  I’d love to discuss your needs to see if there’s a way my background and skills can help you navigate this stressful time –and maybe even have a bit of fun in the process!

Speaking of fun . . . Check out this link about the application process from “The Onion,” a great source of online satire!  If you’re still not convinced all this trouble is worth it, read this for more.  And then smile. You’re going to college!

College Admissions Consulting

College Admissions Consulting

Personalized College Selections

Finding the “right” college really means finding the right fit for you. I can help research and individualize your selections, leaving you more time to fulfill other demands.

College Admissions Consulting Standardized Test Prep

Standardized Test Prep

Studies have shown that students who prepare for the ACT and SAT standardized tests outperform those who don’t. I can help you determine which test is better for you, and offer guidance and support as you prepare for it.

College Application Consulting Application Strategies

Application Strategies

One size doesn’t fit all; it’s crucial to tailor each application toward a particular institution. I’ll help you develop a strategy and give you the tools and information necessary to give you that “edge,” while keeping you on track and on point.

Mock Interviews

An admissions interview can be a powerful tool to sell yourself, or to explain discrepancies and issues within your application. I can provide mock college interviews with written feedback and additional support to make you stand out among other applicants.

College Admissions Consulting Powerful Essays

Powerful Essays & Short Answers

The personal statement, along with your short answers and essays, are your opportunities to shine! I can help you brainstorm and develop truly memorable and unique essays reflecting your special point of view, as well as guide you as you respond to specific questions and shorter essays.

College Admissions Consulting Support

Miscellaneous Support

I understand that unanticipated issues or needs may arise that require professional assistance.  I’m here to help. . . .

Whatever it takes!

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I serve northern Delaware and southeastern Pennsylvania in person, and also rely on various technologies~ such as email, telephone, Zoom, and Skype~ to assist clients from afar.
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