College Admissions Consulting

Personalized College Selections

It’s so important that students find a great “fit.” How stressful it would be studying for first semester final exams while starting the college application process all over again, only as a transfer student. Apply wisely the first time—with my help. After an initial meeting in which I glean as much information about you as possible, I’ll present you with many options as we revise and refine your selections down to a dozen or so excellent institutions.

Fee includes: Initial meeting with student and parents/guardians; follow-through as needed includes regular discussions and research, culminating with approximately 12* viable institutions to which a student might apply.  ~$96/hour

*Note: The number of colleges to which students apply varies. More is not always better! That said, it’s helpful to have a good selection of financial aid packages from which to choose.

College Admissions Consulting Standardized Test Prep

Standardized Test Prep

Today over 1000 colleges and universities no longer require standardized test scores when considering offers of admission, with that number expected to increase with time. The fact remains, though, that the institutions that do require these standardized test scores generally value them highly. Which test should you take, ACT or SAT, or both? How should you prepare?  I can help you prepare for the test(s) you choose, while addressing necessary areas for improvement.

Fee: $96/hour.

A major research study indicates that the best test preparation a student can undertake includes performing self-timed practice tests. I will administer actual SAT tests to student groups, score them, and make recommendations for improvement.

Package rate: $30/student/session. 5 students (minimum) to 10 students (maximum). Please call for more information.

College Admissions Consulting Application Strategies

Application Strategies

How will you brand yourself? I’ll help you answer this crucial question. Together we’ll then develop a strategy and timeline for applying to college, while I help you present yourself accurately and positively. I’ll review your application to ensure that you haven’t omitted important details. It’s astounding how many students are involved in activities or possess special qualities that they don’t realize reflect the kind of initiative and/or uniqueness that make a difference in admission–or they are reluctant to share them.

Stay organized!  I’ll create an individualized binder with monthly calendars and checklists custom-tailored to your college selections to help keep you on track and on time, along with exemplars and tips on essay-writing, interviews, college visits, and more.

Fee:  $96/hour. Package rates available, depending on your needs.

College Admissions Consulting Powerful Essays

Powerful Essays & Short Answers

With more qualified applicants to many schools than there are available spots, it’s crucial that your essays and short answers shine. The personal statement is not the five-paragraph essay you’ve learned in English class! There are definite topics to avoid while presenting your individuality. We’ll have several meetings to strategize and brainstorm before you create your initial draft, then I’ll help you edit and polish your essay(s) to your satisfaction.

Fee: $96hour.

Please note: While I inspire students and help them brainstorm topics, I do not write essays. It is unethical, as well as detrimental to the student’s application.


College Admissions Consulting Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews

Many students entering college have never held a job outside the home or engaged in a professional interview. Although the interview is often not necessary or even available in some institutions, it can make a vital difference if a student is a borderline candidate. As someone who has interviewed hundreds of young adults over the years, I’ll brief you before performing mock admissions interviews with written follow-ups and guidance.

Fee includes: Initial briefing, plus practice college interviews with written feedback and guidance on post-interview follow-up. $96/hour. Package rates available.

College Admissions Consulting Support

Miscellaneous Support

I understand that unanticipated issues or needs arise that require professional assistance. From locating tutors and scholarships . . . to answering questions about the FAFSA and more . . . I’m here to help. . . .

Whatever it takes!

Please note: I never invoice for questions requiring quick assistance or answers (under 5 minutes). Otherwise, standard hourly rate applies.

College Admissions Consulting Financial Aid

Financial Aid

I offer limited guidance with financial aid.  I’m pleased to help you initiate the financial aid process, though, by providing you with a general overview of the process, as well as a compilation of helpful articles and links to top sites. The colleges’ financial aid offices themselves are wonderful resources, as is the Internet.

Please call 484-243-0302 to discuss your needs.

Note:  As of 2016, students may file their FAFSA beginning October 1, using their previous year tax statement (See “Links” on this website).

College Admissions Consulting Fees

A Word about Fees

I understand that college is expensive and strive to offer very competitive pricing. I can work within any budget to arm you with information and tools to help you present yourself successfully.

If you’re a student on public assistance, or you know someone with extenuating fiscal circumstances, I offer a limited number of scholarships based on availability. Scholarship decisions follow the criteria outlined in the Common Application Fee Waiver here.